Laotian American Society (LAS) established officially as a non-profit organization in 2005. LAS began with passionate volunteers of the greater Atlanta Area from former groups including the Laotian American Organization (LAO) and Laotians of Atlanta. Volunteers and members participated in local community cultural, social, and networking events. Many of us shared the same vision to serve their community to support the younger generations, promote education, create health awareness, recognize role models, support Lao businesses and share the Lao culture with others, stemming the idea of LAS.


To promote cultural awareness and empower the Laotian American community by providing education, services, and resources in Georgia.

Board of Directors

Jaesen Khounthalangsy


Kevin Panasy

Vice President

Erika Nations


Erik Phinith


Chris Sannanikone

Marketing Manager

Justin Rodriguez

Public Relations Director

Vincent Sommano


Alex Nee


Kimberly Khounthalangsy

Cultural Manager

Britney Chanseri

Cultural Manager

Emile Phommavongsy

Education Coordinator