About Us

Pride in our heritage, Passion in our future.

What is LAS

The Laotian American Society is a non-profit organization formally established in 2005, and we are more than proud to be celebrating 15 years as an organization. We bridge together the modern Laotian-American with the traditional generation of our community, to celebrate our culture and aid our community in numerous ways.

Meet the Team

Executive Board

Jaesen Khounthalangsy


Brittnie Oo


Board of Directors

Kimberly Lattanaxay

Cultural Director

Samuel Thirakoune

Cultural Arts Director

Justin Rodriguez

Public Relations Director

Alex Nee

Interim Youth Director


Vincent Sommano


Vandy Oudomsine

Cultural Manager

Divine Boriboune

Cultural Manager

Dharmala Navamal

Dance Lead

Brandon Nee

Policies Intern