Education Award Ceremony

Education is one of the keys pillars of LAS. Through our an-nual Education Award Ceremony (EAC), Laotian-American students are recognized for their academic and extracurricular achievements. The EAC scholarship program aids rising seniors and current college students pursing higher education.With generous donations, spon-sorships, fundraising, and LAS’s annual Gala makes the EAC program possible. This coming year of 2021, the Laotian American Society will renew its Lao language program online, in our efforts to preserve the Lao language and cultivating resources to improve reading, writing, and speaking skills.

The Education Award Ceremony (EAC), is one of LAS’s most important events of the year. We give recognition and awards to grade school kids based on achievements like academic achievements and extracurricular activity. LAS also gives out scholarships to promising Laotian college students and rising seniors, in hopes that they can pursue higher education and hopefully return to give back to their own community.  Students are encouraged to work on their grades, essay skills and volunteering, regardless if it is with LAS or not.

LAS established a scholarship program for young Laotian Americans pursuing in higher education. We believe that giving to those who need financing and are passionate about their pathway deserves to be rewarded. We receive many applications each year and actively hosted ceremonies for these recipients.