Youth Program

Dedicated to continue the cultural significance of sports like the Dragon Boat race, as well as invest into the community’s youths and character building with a range of activities, the Laotian American Society (LAS) Youth Department is invested in creating an environment of enjoyment, practicing an active lifestyle, sportsmanship, camaraderie, inclusivity, and team-building. The LAS Youth Department is centric to programs as the Moho Toso Dragon Boat Program, which believes that strong individuals builds a strong community. This core value is instilled in confidence of character building for all members, the future leaders of the community.

Mentored and coached by seasoned passionate professionals who continue to enjoy this honorable sport and active programs, curates a bridge between generations and organizations of vast backgrounds. This is one of most critical programs for LAS as this is often the first door for many of the youth to step into the organization, be a part and learn more about the Georgia Laotian American community, network, connect and impact the greater community.

Sustainability of this program as an ongoing year round program is due to the gracious generosity of sponsors and donors. Please consider sponsoring our youth department to continue current and future programs this year and help aid the committed youths.

If you’re interested in sponsoring youth program, and our upcoming events, please download our sponsorship packet.